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Many businesses and companies near me will be looking to prevent ransomware attacks to help keep their documents safe. It should be a priority for every business to keep their files safe from hackers who could take your data ransom, which is why we offer a specialist service to prevent this from happening. In every industry, there is important information that should not be taken and leaked. We always recommend having the right technology in place to stop these events taking place. 

If you are interested in finding out further information, feel free to talk to our experts today. We have years of experience and specialist knowledge in order to provide you with a network security that can ensure your business is protected from a range of attacks. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back in touch as soon as possible with everything you need to know. 

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that will hack onto your system and hold it hostage until you pay a sum of money. This is a growing problem throughout the UK and businesses are now looking to take action. Taking control of your network security is now recommended for all companies, no matter how big or small you are. You never want to compromise your company‚Äôs online safety which is why we offer the best quality security programmes. 

As a business, you may not have the money to pay the ransom which can be a troubling and disturbing time if this is to happen to your business. The attack is usually unexpected and can happen to anyone, at any time. As a expert team, we aim to provide you with the best systems to keep your documents safe at all time. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided if you're interested in finding out more and to speak to our specialists. 

Ransomware is basically a code which encrypts local and network files. In order to release the encryption, you will need to pay a ransom which will provide you with a 'key' to unlock the files again. This usually files your information, meaning it can be done again. Therefore we would recommend not paying the ransom. This is why it is extremely important to have backup files.

Protecting Against Ransomware 

Protecting against ransomware is crucial to help ensure businesses can keep all the records, documents and files private. You might not think you need network security as you could think that this will never happen to you, but this is not the case! When someone takes your documents or website, you may have a backup which will mean you don't have to pay the malicious hackers, but if not you will need to make a plan. Our specialists have years of experience and expert knowledge, so have been able to create a programme that can prevent this from occurring. Find out more today to fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

One person in your organisation can cause these attacks (accidentally). If they have a weak password or click on an email attachment or website link, your network can become infected. This will take hold of all the files not just the files of the person who clicked on the link.

How to make a Strong Password

In order to protect yourself from such attacks, it is recommended to get a strong password. The following criteria will lead you on your way to a strong, safe password.

  1. At least one capital letter

  2. At least one number

  3. At least one character/symbol

  4. Nothing related to your name

  5. Nothing related to the company

  6. Do not use the word password

How to Reduce your Risk

If you want to know how to reduce your risks of being a victim of these attacks, you should look out for the following things:

  • Email address appears different from a certain sender

  • Attachment on email - specifically Macro enabled Word or Excel files. 

  • Link to internet address on email - do not click this link

If you think you accidentally clicked one of these links, etc. make sure you turn off your computer as soon as possible and get in touch with our team. As a Microsoft Gold PArtner, we aim to keep our clients protected.

Don't be Victim of Malicious Attacks

You never want to fall victim of ransomware, which is why you need to prevent it from occurring. To do this, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Create a backup of your documents so you don't have to pay ransomware attacks if they are to take your files.

  • Use our specialist software to reduce all chances of information being stolen.

  • Learn more about network security to be aware of the best ways to avoid it occurring. 

These are just a few ways that can help you not be a victim of ransomware. It can be a scary experience so always find out how you can protect yourself before a problem gets out of hand. If you're still wanting to know more, do not hesitate to talk to us now. 

Cryptowall Ransomware

Cryptowall Ransomware is a malicious form of hacking that can encrypt files from your computer. This usually comes through spam emails/advertisements and other compromised websites. Once the malware is within your system, they are able to take full control of your files and documents, whilst leaving behind instructions with the techniques to pay the ransom. This Trojan. Cryptowall ransomware is becoming better known throughout the UK and we advise that you never click links from untrusted sites. Please let us know if you've fallen victim of this, or would like to learn how to protect yourself, as we are here to help. 

Cryptolocker Ransomware

Cryptolocker Ransomware is a Trojan which targets computers that use Microsoft Windows. This came around in 2013 which uses infected email links to encrypt files and shared documents. Similar to Cryptowall ransomware, a message will be displayed to explain that the files will be deleted if a payment is not made in the time given. Although this malicious attack is easy to remove, your files may still be encrypted. Although you will not want to pay the money, you may not see any other option! This is why we always advise that you take network security seriously and look into all the options out there. 

Removing Ransomware Near Me

If you're looking to remove and fix a ransomware attack you really should fill in the contact form for prices to do this safely. Removal of ransomware is really popular now and because of recent ransomware attacks you really need to be looking at protecting your business online. Malware on your servers can shut down companies and having this network security in place is crucial to any business.

Not only can the ransom be expensive, but a horrible experience. If a malicious malware does take control, you might think that paying the requested money is your only option, but it is not! Find out further details from us to remove the ransomware from your system so you can continue to run your business successfully. 

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If you would be interested in finding out extra information regarding ransomware attacks feel free to talk to us today. Our team have years of experience and specialist knowledge in order to provide you with a safe network security that will help your business be protected online. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided and a member of our team will get back to you shortly with everything you require. 

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